PENTAX *istDS 固件升级 update to V2.00

Change to V2.00

    The following function has been added newly

    1) AF mode has been added to the [Rec. Mode] in the Menu
    *AF.S (AF Single) /AF.C (AF continuous) can be selected in the Menu
    Note: The AF C mode can be selected when mode dial is set on P, Tv, Av, M and B only.

      1)在记录模式(英文菜单[Rec. Mode])中,增加自动对焦AF模式,可以在菜单中选择单独自动对焦(AF S)和连续自动对焦(AF C)


    2) Auto Sensitivity has been added in the sensitivity mode and Auto Sensitivity is set as initial setting. ISO 200 – 800 (Initial setting)
    Also [Sensitivity correction] in the Custom menu is changed to [ISO correction in Auto] and adjustable range can be selected

    3) [AE-L button on M] has been added in the Custom menu.
    *When AE-L button is pressed in manual exposure, the following function can be selected.
    1. Program Line: Aperture value and shutter speed will be adjusted automatically
    2. Tv Shift: Aperture value is fixed and then shutter speed will be adjusted automatically
    3. Av Shift: Shutter speed is fixed and then aperture value will be adjusted automatically



    4) The Digital soft filters can be selected the three different effects (weak / middle / strong) How to use
    1. Press Fn button in playback mode
    2. Press four way controller key left
    3. Select the image by pressing the four way controller key right and left
    4. Select the soft filters by pressing the four way controller key upper and lower
    5. Select the soft filters effect by turning the select dial
    6. The soft filter effect can be seen at lower left in the LCD monitor


    5) Dutch and Swedish languages has been added to the setting menu

    6) The sample picture will be displayed in the LCD monitor when select picture modes

    7) For prevent the confusion, the item that was not able to be set by the menu, made a gray character.

Change to V1.02:

    Correspond to the SD memory card greater than 1GB, also Version 1.02 include the additional function which was released at Version 1.01.

Change to V1.01:

    At the long time exposure situation such as astronomical photography, green noise might be generated partially on the image when the noise reduction is turned on.
    This phenomenon only occur rarely under special shooting condition such as starry sky, and will never occur at the general situation that we are assuming.
    The version 1.01 will minimize this phenomenon as much as possible for the customer who use *istDS for this purpose.

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