Change the format of my worknotes

The worknote (on paper version) has been changed today as following:
- To do list of today (space left for evaluation). Planning at the beginning of the working day.
- Work note. As usual.
- Literature reading record.
It works well so far.

Also a USB connection cable between the PC and PDA will be purchased in Ebay, for a better personal management system. Synchronizing the data on PalmOne with both the home and office PCs. The reason I am working on this is that I suddenly found there are so many things to be finished in the same time, for instance, there are several meetings in this year, whose abstracts should be submitted in the coming month. Without the personal management, all things will mess up, and nothing would have be done in time.

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  1. Snoopy wrote: Said,

    16 5 月, 2006 @ 23:06