Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén (1908-1995)

        Hannes Alfvén
1)Alfvén considered himself an electrical engineer foremost. During his scientific career, prior to winning the Nobel Prize, Alfvén was not generally recognized as a leading innovator in the scientific community (though they were using his work).
2)这是Alfvén自己的一段话:"When I describe the [plasma phenomena] according to this formulism most referees do not understand what I say and turn down my papers. With the referee system which rules US science today, this means that my papers are rarely accepted by the leading US journals."(当我公理化描述等离子体现象时,很多的审稿人无法理解我的理论而拒绝了我的文章。就现在美国学术界的审稿体系来说,我的文章很少被一流杂志发表。)

"Alfvén had a good sense of humor and he participated in a variety of social issues and worldwide disarmament movements. He had a long-standing distrust of computers. Alfvén studied the history of science and oriental philosophy and religion. He spoke Swedish, English, German, French, and Russian, and some Spanish and Chinese.
Alfvén was married for 67 years to his wife Kirsten. They raised five children, one boy and four girls. His son became a physician, while one daughter became a writer and another a lawyer in Sweden."

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