Visa information of US Consulate

One part of the email I have received:

      “Please do NOT arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your appointment at the Consulate.

      No cell phones, cameras or electronic devices, including laptops, games or I-Pods are permitted. The Consulates will not store your items. Large bags and suitcases are not permitted, but a purse or briefcase is acceptable. Please anticipate spending up to 3-4 hours at the Consulate for processing. Please bring all application documents with you, including your valid passport, one photo, application fee payment confirmation -->, application form DS-156 completed on the Internet --> (this will shorten the application procedure on the day of your appointment), and other required forms. You must also bring a 1.45 Euro stamped return envelope large enough for your passport - A5 is large enough.”

US are afraid of terrorists.
If naked applicants are legal, the Consulate would probably say so…

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