Preparing the presentation is really fun...

Although I was such preocupied these days, but doing something while thing about its basic ideas is really interesting. There is less than two weeks for preparing the results and presentation. I am now worrying if I should present all my recent results at the next meeting in Netherlands, which will surely raise a lot of arguments from the experimental guys. Another thing is, I am still a freshman in this area. Maybe I just need more evidences.

The following is an interesting result from my calculation, descibing the thermal conductivity profile, which depends on both temperature field and local stains, after the heating of the experimental setup.
Pretty good, en? Still we can have some fun solving the engineering problems.

Next month, there are two scientists leaving from our institute, who are one American and one Indian. After that, this institute will be more "Germany" ever. When I spoke to the American female scientist, who was running a farewell party, she told me that after my graduation I could look for some positions in her new institute. But at that moment, our professor was present nearby, and he really made the sound "hei, hei, hei" to stop her further words. I can not keep laughing at this moment. That is really a joke.